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Erica Meitz

Maroon and Gold Investments / CEO

When we consider the definition of success for a moment, many words may come to mind. While no two answers are identical, we can agree on core characteristics that embody what success is. Success is being a predominant business leader, or a proud parent, or a supportive member of your community that others can count on. Other will say that success is leaving the world in a better place than when you found it. No matter which definition of success you adopt, those who have worked with Erica Meitz will tell you she embodies it. 

Get to know Erica Meitz 

Erica is not only a devoted mother of two, but a fierce women owned business leader and staunch member of her community. It was early on in her life that Erica embodied the entrepreneurial spirit. In 2010, after many years of training and learning the business, Erica launched Bayshore Elite Gymnastics in Redwood City, California. 


While Bayshore began as a passion for gymnastics and training, Erica quickly took hold of the business side. As she pushed herself past the love for the sport and further into her newfound love of business management, Erica continued to sharpen her skillset. She immersed herself in education, graduating from the Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Small Business’ Program and studying at both University of Minnesota and Harvard. In addition to being an inspiring leader, Erica’s genuine connection to community and family led her to take a grassroots approach to her development. Putting her kids and her families first, focusing on core value that promote health, safety and community outreach. The results were greater than she’d ever imagined. 


Now, 12 years later, as she looks back on the success of Bayshore Elite, she sees a powerhouse organization responsible for over 900 families within the gymnastics organization. Not only can we appreciate Bayshore Elite for its growth, but as a brand that represents excellence, hardwork, dedication and commitment to the craft. Bayshore has become a pillar within the Redwood City area. This is undoubtedly due to the incredible staff, students and support from the teams. From an idea to legacy, Erica is proud of what her and her amazing teams have created together. 


As leaders often due, Erica turned her focus forward in pursuit of the next chapter of business opportunities. In 2015, Erica began her focus on real estate investing with the forming of her newest company, Maroon & Gold Investments. With her core values of community and family in mind, Erica launches a new kind of investment group. A company with a simple but elegant strategy to connect investors to great investment opportunities that focuses on sustainable, commercial, and multi-family properties. Erica’s core objective is a relentless pursuit to provide opportunities for passive income for her investors while keeping ethical and responsible principles as a priority.


Maroon & Gold, in its short time, has become a fast paced and exciting company to engage with. In just 7 short years, Maroon & Gold has been involved in many projects of all sizes. From small, short-term rentals, to recreational living, to large multi-family complexes. Erica and her team at Maroon & Gold have generated millions of dollars being used for residential development and sustainable housing. 


“Our motto at M&G is to “Invest in Living”. We believe that this encompasses the physical structure to create a healthy and safe living environment for our tenants.” Erica Meitz. 


Much of her business history with Bayshore Elite, as well as her leadership experience has led her to this new venture. Erica proudly draws on what she has learned as a coach, manager and leader at Bayshore Elite, to help her navigate these new endeavors. While this direction has drawn her time away from the gym, Erica never forgets the team, students and community that have made these successes possible. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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