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Amazing Architecture By Studio505

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Amazing Architecture

Plant life has always been beautifully depicted in pictures, paintings and in other interpretations of art throughout countless years and in various parts of the world. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t love having a vast selection of plants in their home that allows them to witness the budding and growth of these miniature life-forms. It’s irresistible! In Wujin, China, the designers of Studio505, have taken it up a notch with showing the appreciation of flowers on a much grander scale. The amazing architecture that they have created is beyond breath-taking!

Amazing Architecture

This structure, known as The Lotus Building, was designed to be a statement seen from across the waters. The symbolism of a lotus and what it means to the Chinese culture made it a given that its location would make an impact. It's very design features flowing movement and soft geometric innuendos. Color and light combine to create a vibrant display in 10-20 second intervals that enhance the natural flow even more. To add to the allure of this amazing architecture, the designers also made sure that it was sustainable by way of minimized energy usage in the form of an innovative geothermal system just below the surface.

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