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Kim Burke - MNREIA

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

One of the top LENDERS in the Country and she is just as awesome in person!

Kim Burke

Kim, a member of MNREIA, was the speaker that evening on the topic of investors and lending. Her compelling life story and genuine attitude about her company's approach convinced me to work with her business, LeaderOne, on a refinance. As I started the refinance journey, Kim's team of experts and underwriters proved why they are the top one percent in their industry. This group of professionals took an entrepreneur’s company taxes (a private gymnastics facility in California), my two rented houses and regular pay stubs and mastered the puzzle like champs. I never felt that I was putting them out or making their job stressful because of my various ventures. It's been a pleasure working with them and they are now a part of my investing team of advisors.

Erica Meitz had the privilege of meeting Kim Burke and her team at a MNREIA (Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association) meeting."

Check out Kim’s website at

Kim Burke 651-800-1501

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