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Ridiculously EXCITED for this reinvention!

Moving to a new state and leaving my California business has been quite the transition as I’ve had to reinvent my entire life somewhere new to my adult life. Not only has this been a transition for me but for my high school-aged son as well, who has decided he wants to stay here permanently. It was then that I had to figure out how to manage my California business in addition to my new startup here in Minnesota. I knew that I was capable of doing a job where I’m coaching or teaching or working with kids. But the question that was constantly running through my mind was “Am I doing this because it’s what I want or because it’s where I’m comfortable?” I then realized that I was confined to my comfort zone and needed to push myself out. In doing so, I’m still able to give back to the sport of gymnastics through volunteer work.

I had always wanted to open my own real estate investing company and from running my California business I learned a lot of things the hard way. I learned that as a company grows, so does its expenses. That meant I had to be more astute in embracing the numbers and the financial aspect to get ahead, but there were some bumps along the way. After going back to my investor, I was denied a bridge loan for payroll. This was a massive blessing in disguise because it caused me to dig deeper and look for alternatives. But most importantly I embraced education about business. After being accepted and graduating from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, I learned how to push my company and myself out of my comfort zone. From then on, I underwent a shift in attitude about embracing the company and not committing only to the sport of gymnastics, but to the business aspect as well. I had to step away from the gym to be able to make my real estate company work because I’m not dealing with the day to day operations of the gym. I’m always learning about problem-solving and looking at a problems from all sides, doing my due diligence before making a final decision. I’ve learned how to keep my composure when stress hits and not panic. Currently, this is the longest I’ve been away from coaching and I realize the gifts it has given me to pursue my next venture.

Coaching has not only given me the gift of determination, but also taught me the lesson of building something from nothing, business knowledge, and the attitude not to accept failure. It’s also allowed me to work with people of all cultural backgrounds and walks of life. With new people comes new challenges but also new opportunities to grow and learn from each other. There were a lot of compromises and educating involved, but I produced some of my highest level athletes alongside my coaching partner of 13 years, who was from Romania. He and I had our struggles, but from those struggles came some great successes. He made me realize that there are significant cultural differences regarding gender expectations. In the end I was able to see though his lenses and have a wonderful acceptance of difference in this world.

As I work my way through the learning curves of this industry, I’m still facing challenges every day such as creating/maintaining a routine, staying structured as I work from home, putting myself out there, etc. Learning an entirely new industry is like a baby learning to walk, it takes time but can be achieved with practice. I am truly excited for this opportunity to reinvent and get out there with new people in this field. As my instructor would say “I’m Ridiculously excited you are here”. I hope we meet someday!!

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