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The Passive Real Estate Podcast

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

The Passive Real Estate Podcast

Learn the strategy behind investing in lake cabin resorts in today’s episode with Erica Meitz.

In 2015, Erica began her focus on real estate investing with the forming of her newest company, Maroon & Gold Investments. With her core values of community and family in mind, Erica launched a new kind of investment group. A company with a simple but elegant strategy to connect investors to great investment opportunities that focuses on sustainable, commercial, and multi-family properties. Erica’s core objective is a relentless pursuit to provide opportunities for passive income for her investors while keeping ethical and responsible principles as a priority.

The Passive Real Estate Podcast is the premier podcast for passive real estate investors. Matt Jones interviews experienced passive investors who share their industry secrets and active investors who show you different ways to invest passively. Real estate is all about adding value to other people to build relationships. An easy way to do that is to share this podcast with someone you know who wants to do more passive real estate investing. Subscribe to this podcast to stay updated on new episodes. Leave a review to let us know that you enjoy the content. There are tons of ways to invest in real estate that you can explore by reading Matt Jones’ book called Book About Real Estate. It summarizes many top real estate books all in one. Find it on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Google Play, or If you want to learn more about passive real estate investing, go to

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