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Two Harbors Wildlife Wonderland

Updated: Jun 30, 2023


Two Harbors Wildlife Wonderland

Two Harbors Wildlife Wonderland

Two Harbors Wildlife Wonderland is a stunning 80 acres outside of Duluth Minnesota in Two Harbors MN. This property is brimming with wildlife of all kinds including numerous game animals and migratory birds.

These 80 Acres sit undeveloped with a single roadway in and out of the property. Perfect for the off-grid camper, or hunter. Very large moose presence along this property with several game trails.

Half of this property is harvested adolescent forest making this an ideal moose habitat. Many other species spotted including Deer, Bear, Wolves, Pheasant and Grouse. This land is a hunter’s paradise. We will include a fully functioning stand that overlooks the main game trail intersections.

Make this your hunter's paradise for large and small game, or simply your off-grid camping site surrounded by nature.

Also on the property is a designated trout stream that runs year-round. (Unless frozen,)

Property is only 25 min from the town of two harbors and 20 minutes from nearest emergency center. Which is a big plus when you are camping.

Call Andy Bollefer for questions 281-979-5403 or email

Local Attractions

Two Harbors, MN is situated around two bays on the North Shore of Lake Superior – Agate Bay, and Burlington Bay. Being outdoors around Lake Superior is the best way to spend time in Two Harbors, and there are so many great ways to do that! Let’s explore all the things to do in Two Harbors, Minnesota!

Two Harbors’ Agate Bay

Lightstation & ship watching

The most popular thing to do in Two Harbors is to stroll out to the light station in Agate Bay. Agate Bay in Two Harbors is a safe harbor in Lake Superior where gigantic iron ore lakers come in and out of port. Take the concrete path of the breakwater for a nice long walk out into Lake Superior. You will be completely surrounded by The Big Lake on this little adventure! There’s really nothing like it.

Two Harbors Wildlife Wonderland

What’s more, you have a good chance of encountering one of the enormous iron ore tankers that come into the harbor to fill up. They are picking up iron ore that was freshly mined from Minnesota’s Iron Range, located about 70 miles west of Two Harbors. The ships travel right past the breakwater and the light station to get to the ore docks. Get close and watch them maneuver around the harbor. It’s incredible!

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